Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm 30. There I said it.

And here I thought that I'd have accomplished more by my 30th birthday. I thought I'd at least have a literary agent, maybe own a house, and possibly have my credit card debt paid off.

Yeah, I have done none of these things.

I do have two or three unpublishable novels under my belt, I job I like but don't love, and a rental house that my landlord hates to keep up with the repairs on.

I do have a loving husband and family and great friends in a city I love despite its flaws. I have an online social network that takes me the way I am, quirks and all. I have a growing blog that I am happy with and that gives me the outlet I never knew I needed.
(Thanks for reading my self-indulgent wanking. You only turn 30 once. Thank God.)

Lastly, I have faith and confidence that someday I'm going to get those things I wanted.

It's just not going to be today.


Rebecca Knight said...

You have been amazing so far on the blog-front so far :D, so be proud!

Happy Birthday, Tere!

Tess said...

I didn't have any of those things at 30 either, but a few more now that I'm 40. They're coming your way....all good things, I am sure.

And, I once read that a woman is her most beautiful at 39 (I think it has to do with the fact that kids are older, shes more rested, more centered, whatever) That's great news for you at 30 -- your best years are ahead of you. But, that's crappy news for me at 40. All downhill, I guess - lol.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!

I just hit 30 a few months ago too. I have very high hopes for this milestone year. So far it's been awesome!

Start with getting the novel published, that way you can pay off the debt and buy a house.
: )

ElanaJ said...

Happy, happy birthday!

TereLiz said...

Thanks, y'all!
Becca K, thanks, sometimes I need to be reminded!
Tess, I'll have to keep that as my mantra, the best years are ahead. And downhill at forty? My Mom's 53 and she's having the time of her life! Especially now that she's got some granddaughters out of my brother and sister.
Rebecca, lol, a published novel? You know I want that as badly as you do.
Wanna race? ;)
Two happys, Elana? You must have known I needed it!

I've stopped wallowing today, but I do have a bit of a champagne hangover, possibly my last if I'm smart.
But I don't think I'm that smart.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy 30th! Wish I was that young.:D

You have to write those unpublishable novels. They're all steps on the way to writing the one that sells. Keep writing!

Lady Glamis said...

Hey, 30 is great! I'm 29. I doubt I'll have any of that you mention within a year. Hah. So we're in the same boat.

Have a great birthday!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Happy Birthday! I just turned 30 this past March and also spent some time dwelling on my own very similar yet to be accomplished goals. Everyone kept telling me though, that the 30's are a great decade to be in, so I feel hopeful for the time up ahead!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday! I'm happy to hear that you have a wonderful family and friends. That's what matters the most!

Icy Roses said...

Happy birthday! I find birthday goals are pretty lame, because I never meet them anyway.

Keep writing. :-) Everyone has unpublished novels before they get the deal.

shield maiden said...

Happy belated birthday!

I wouldn't worry too much about what you haven't accomplished yet. There are plenty of people out there whose biggest accomplishments came late in life. It took Tolkien ten years to published his LOTR trilogy. In fact, he was 45 years old when the Hobbit was published.

The best years of your life are still ahead of you :). Enjoy your birthday!

Michelle Schusterman said...

Well, Happy B-day! My big 3-0 is a few months away, and I'm with you on the elusive agent hunt. Good luck!

Lin Wang said...

Happy birthday!

I saw your comment on Rebecca's blog and came over. I am an aspiring writer too, and I have my own writing blog.

Your blog seems very professional. I shall starting checking back regularly.

TereLiz said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody! Do you believe I managed to stay off blogger and email all weekend? And I'm still alive? ;)

I got a lot of great plotting done on my work in progress, and I'm really feeling the story now that I've done some more research. And I'm feeling better about being thirty. It's getting easier to say, anyway!

Thanks again, y'all!