Thursday, July 9, 2009

Five Reasons to Read this Book: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Finally, a futuristic story I can sink my teeth into. Don't know how many of you are familiar with this series, but I'm loving it. Reading the third one now.
Without further ado, Five Reasons to Read Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld.

1.) Hoverboards. Yeah. Want.

2.) The title says it all. Tally is an "ugly", a youth who spends the first chapter breaking into "New Pretty Town", where the "new pretties" live. I wasn't surprised when I learned the "truth about being pretty", but it definitely caused the main character a lot of turmoil, trying to reconcile what she "knows" to be true with what she learns on her own.

3.) Offers a lot to think about. Not while you're reading, because the pacing is so good, but after you set it down, you can't help but think about the implications of living in Tally's world. And not only one aspect of it, but different facets like brainwashing v. societal norms, standards of beauty and the lengths people will go to achieve such standards, or the long term effects a high-tech society has on the surrounding wildlife. I noticed a distinct lack of pets, which is, imo, the reason the society got so screwed up in the first place. ;)

4.) Related to the above post, there was so much going on with this character and the society, I didn't feel like I was being hit over the head with a message like a lot of classic sci-fi novels do.

5.) Finally, the book is pretty skillfully written so that you are so deeply immersed in Tally's ways of thinking, you are almost rooting for her to achieve her goals so she can become pretty. She really changes over the course of this first book, but the way she thinks (and the way her attitude shifts over time) helps give the most insight into this strangely possible world.

A great read, especially for those who like sequels. Pretties, which I just finished, made for a satisfying sequel in which a lot happened, and I'm about half-way through Specials.


Rebecca said...

Loves this series and I totally agree with what you say here but I stopped at Specials. When I read the beginning chapters in the back of it for Extras I found that I had no desire to go on because the characters were different. Strange huh? Let me know what you think when you finish the fourth one, maybe I'll give it a shot!

TereLiz said...

Yeah, I didn't buy Extras with the others because I didn't think it was a continuation. Because I like the author, I'll probably read it eventually, but if it was another Tally book, I'd be all over it.

I've been trying to slowly finish Specials because I don't want it to end, and there's still a few months until The sequel to The Hunger Games comes out.

Reading Shrinking Violet right now, which is excellent realistic YA fiction, and has an mc named TERE!!

Sarah said...

I effing love these books! Good post!