Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can I Get a Re-Do?

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! I would have if it weren't for an uninvited visitor named ISAAC. I hate rude visitors. Hmph!

Before Isaac blew into the Gulf, I was all set to start revising my new novel based on some awesome feedback from my agent's amazing assistant. But as they say, "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." Actually, hurricanes are what happen when you're making other plans. ;) Instead of having five days over two weekends where I'd be free to brainstorm and type my fingers to nubs, I worked them to the bone prepping the house for the storm, and then cleaning up after it.

Now, I was one of the lucky ones who had a generator, so while I technically could have gotten some writing done, I was a leetle-beet preoccupied. You know, watching the bathroom ceiling come down and picking up shingles and debris from my yard. Normal hurricane stuff. In fact, we were lucky we were there to move all the stuff out of the bathroom and two adjacent rooms (still in boxes from our recent move) before the leaks got too serious. I live right near the Mississippi River, so no worry about flooding, but the wind that came from that direction tore the shingles off a good quarter of the roof, and blew one of our 8x8 wooden fence gates right off the hinges. Makes me glad I'm only renting, lol!

Now I'm back to work and busier than ever, and I can't help but think of how much work the me that lives in a alternate reality where Isaac petered out over Florida got done over Memorial Day Weekend. Lucky girl!

But dwelling on alternate reality me's amazing luck will get me nowhere. I've really got to put some solid work into this manuscript over the next two weeks if I want to get everything done in time to get it to my crit group later this month as promised. Which is fine, I guess, since I won't be tempted to finishing unpacking, anyway. I guess there's a silver lining, after all!


Krispy said...

Hurricanes! So scary! Glad to hear you're fine though and that your house is sorta okay? I don't know how you deal with having a hurricane season!

Golden Eagle said...

I'm glad to hear you made it through the hurricane okay!

Plamena Schmidt said...

Yikes, sounds terrifying. (I also love how you're obsessing over the fact you didn't get any work done, lol, but really, a hurricane is a great excuse.) Hope your work goes well and glad you're okay.

Chelly Writes said...

Hey. Glad you made out alright. I am also high and dry. Good luck with the writing.

Abby Annis said...

You've made my Labor Day Weekend seem uneventful, and my son flipped his bike, fracturing his right elbow and spraining his left wrist, and someone left the big upright freezer open ALL weekend destroying hundreds of dollars worth of food. ;)

Sorry about your house. That sucks. I hope you can get some writing done soon. I'm dying to read that story. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Glad you came through ol' crazy Isaac pretty well and without major damage. Same here!

Good luck to those speedy fingers now. :)