Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evangeline's New Orleans

It's time for another installment of Evangeline's New Orleans!

So head over to my Evangeline blog to check out the post.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Across the Universe

Read it.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it.  =)

One of the best (and non-spoilery) reviews I've read in a long time of Across the Universe is up at Alz and Krispy's blog, A Nudge in the Right Direction. I'd planned on writing a detailed review of Beth's wonderful YA sci-fi tome, but the fates have decided to smite me with this horrid intestinal flu and it's hard to feel convincingly academic when you're burping up Pepto Bismol.

Alz, damn her eyes, beat me to it, and expresses everything I ever wanted to in a much more empirical fashion. Also, Krispy adds her twelve cents. ;) So head over to their blog and check out this review. If you've read AtU, all the more reason to check out this post. Maybe after more people have read it, we can do a discussion group or something. Between the issues of science, humanity, and faith, there's plenty to talk about with Across the Universe.

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Carnival Time!

So I'm finally back from vacation. Christmas and New Year's are over. Know what that means?

It's officially Carnival Time, everyone! Whoo hoo! And I'm actually going to march this year in Krewe du Vieux, one of the most satirical parades. It's the only one that still goes through the French Quarter, or Vieux CarrĂ©, where the krewe gets its name. Krewe du Vieux—which I blogged about last year— is actually a confederation of sub-krewes, like the Mystic Krewe of Spermes (to which I now officially belong, sweet!), C.R.U.D.E., L.E.W.D., and Underwear. 

The parade rolls Saturday, February 19th, so get your plane tickets now, LOL! If you can't make it, maybe I'll send something to you. I'm so excited about Carnival, I think I'll have another Carnival Contest like I had last year.Here's how it's gonna go down:

Later this month, at an undisclosed time, I'll post an official contest entry post. One of my very lucky readers will receive a box of Mardi Gras throws and other NOLA goodies (CC's chicory-blend coffee, carnival themed notecards, etc.) by random selection. There'll be plenty of ways to earn extra points.

Meantime, cut yourself a slab of king cake and settle in for a cold week in New Orleans. It's not going to get out of the forties all week, which is cold when your house has no insulation and the humidity is at eighty percent. The season might be over for the Saints, but the anticipation of carnival is keeping most of us here warm. Hope all of you snow-bound folks stay warm and safe!