Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The Book Warned...": WIP Wednesday Musings

Most of my story ideas come from premises, from what-ifs, or even from a setting. Sometimes it's the conflict that comes first.

Never have I started a new novel based on only a phrase, like I know some people do.

Exhibit A: Jade and The Silagree.  > "Bad people are sent to the Silagree."

As soon as I read this I knew she had something there. But where would she take this idea? Conversely, if another writer began with this same line, how different would their stories be?

Earlier this week I was helping my husband with the mundane task of using our new electric roaster, and said something like, "the book warned you not to do that." Meaning the warning/instruction booklet that came with the darn thing. You know, the thing my husband casually glanced at and tossed aside. Amirite, ladies? ;)

After the words left my mouth, I stood there for a second like an idiot, and at last, repeated, "The book warned."

Which is when my husband, who was elbow deep cleaning out the giant roaster pan, gave me the look he usually reserves for such inexplicable things as ads for Justin Bieber's perfume (Someday. Ironic, much?) or episodes of the Jersey Shore. O_o~

Which is when I, smooth talker that I am, recovered by saying, "That would be a good first line, huh?"

He actually agreed with me, but I barely heard him as I stood there twisting the forgotten manual in my hands, wondering what the book warned. What kind of book was it? Who wrote said book? What sort of people would need warning?

That's when I turned the Shiny New Idea center of my brain off. Yeah, I can do that. It's my superpower.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, I still have at least 40K words to go on my aetherpunk-western, which is not coming out as quickly as I'd hoped, so I don't have the time for this Shiny New Idea.

But maybe one of y'all do. Consider this my gift to you, my followers, or anyone else who reads my blog. A gift of thanks, for checking up on my silly and sporadic posts.

What are you writing? NaNo? Or are you finding it difficult to make the time for writing during this part of the year? Do you know what the book warned? ;)

Happy Holidays!


Cynthia Lee said...

Currently, the idea of opening up my WIP is about as appealing as opening the Necronomicon.

This mood will pass, I'm sure.


Alexandra Shostak said...

Teach me the ways of turning off the Shiny New Idea!

Krispy said...

TERE, I LOVE/HATE YOU. I was like, Oh that's a pretty good line. And then my brain went ...that is a pretty good opening line.

*flails* I don't have time for this, and I have no idea what the book warned, but goodness, it must be important!

Ditto Alexandra: please teach us the ways of stopping the Shiny New Idea?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Ha! It's cool how that happens. I say write it down for later use! But I also applaud you, one, for sticking to your current story. It does sound awesome (I remember from a previous post), and I'd like to see you finish it. And two, I think you're generous to share your fab first line!

Tere Kirkland said...

ROFL, Krispy, Alexandra, that will be next week's post! ;)

Oh, Cynthia, I hear you! I'm feeling that way about my wip right now. I used to love it but now I'm worried it's too boring. If I have to look at it one more time... :(

Carol, it's easier for me to give the idea away than to hold onto it for myself, or so I tell myself, lol. If I start thinking too much about it, I'll never finish the wip, which I suspect may turn into a trilogy. dun-dun-DUN!

Karen Denise said...

Love that line! I'm not writing NaNo this year. I am closing in on the ending of my wip. It totally took over from my last wip, kicked its butt and shoved it aside to be visited later. And if I have to say what the book warned I'll have to take a warning/preaching from my current wip and say:

The book warned me, attempting to create more than two children is a crime punishable by 5 years in a medium security prison.