Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finding Inspiration. What? Stalling? Who, me?

Just wanted to share some sites with photography that inspires me. While I know there are plenty of awesome-- in the most literal sense of the word-- photographs of inspirational nature scenes, as a fantasy writer, I take a lot of inspiration from digital photography. Especially those with interesting lighting effects that create a narrative in the photo that wasn't there before.

Kind of like the little details we weave into our stories make them original.

Vandelay Design has a huge collection of them here.

And deviantART has a great gallery of images under Photomanipulation, which is where I found the amazing first image for this post. Don't these all beg to have a story told about them? Do they each have a narrative that speaks to you? What makes them so special?

Hope this helps you keep those creative juices flowing! Keep up the good work. ;)


Susan R. Mills said...

Very cool!

Krispy said...

I love going through deviantArt, but I end up getting stuck there for so long! Too many shiny things! Haha.

Thanks for sharing!

Amna said...

These pictures are amazing :)


Karen Denise said...

Those are beautiful. I love having pictures around, either on my computer or on my walls.

Tere Kirkland said...

I'm thinking of printing some of these out to hang near my desk. For some reason I really love the one with the little girl. Glad y'all enjoyed them!

jessjordan said...

Wow--thanks for sharing! Now stop stalling. :)