Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Random Facts: Tag, I'm It!

Been a while since I had a "just for fun" post, so since it's Friday, I thought I'd play along! I was tagged by Rebecca Knight (of Legacy of the Empress fame) to list 10 Random Facts about me, and tag four others to play. Here we go...

1. I've always wanted to rewrite my author bio to make myself sound more mysterious: "An international woman of mystery, Tere Kirkland was born in Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. She now calls the Crescent City home." Or something like that. 

2. I have a huge issue with controversial food items... veal, goose liver, sweetbreads. My issue is that they're so DELICIOUS!!

3. Food in general is my biggest weakness. I really should exercise more, but then I'd probably become one of those people eating out of the Ben and Jerry's pint while walking on the treadmill. Maybe I just need to find a house to buy with a second floor so I'll be in better shape. ;)

4. You may not know this about me but I've been house-hunting since spring and it has consumed my every waking moment. I used to spend my lonely hours writing or reading, but lately it's all real estate listings and hgtv shows. Room Crashers? Yes, please! (sidenote, but will someone please convince hgtv to play actual renovation/decorating shows instead of one episode of House Hunters after another, interspersed with the random House Hunters International and the occasional Property Virgins. Not even My First House is about the house as much as the hunt. Boring!)

5. Also, since we've been seriously house-hunting, I have curtailed almost all of my bad shopping habits. I haven't stepped into Urban Outfitters for over a month and I haven't even bought a new lipstick at the drugstore or anything. Necessities only! Like Snickers Ice Cream bars. What? Snickers Ice Cream bars aren't a necessity? O_o

6. Speaking of guilty pleasures... I shouldn't admit this, but I have been recording far too much MTV programming this year. My Life as Liz season 2, Teen Wolf (did they ever clarify what was going on in Jackson's neck with the wolf's bane, or did I miss that?!!), and now Awkward. RE: Awkward, this show is hilarious, touching, and yes, oh so very awkward. Just like high school. What? It's called research, people. MTV scripted television is how I keep current, okay?

7. I'm loving True Blood this season. Every storyline except Sookie's. She's kind of boring, and seriously, the worst problem she has is that she's in love with two vampires and can't choose? WTF? They really ought to change it to the Lafayette Chronicles. That storyline with the ghost and the baby totally made me cry! Witches FTW!

8. I tend not to read adult paranormal romances because they should really be called adult paranormal sexcapades. All the sexual tension in YA is so much more satisfying. Nothing against writers like Charlaine Harris, but it starts to get old after a while...

9. So my Evangeline revisions are finally done and turned in, but just as I was finishing, I inadvertently came across an old photo (Bayou Saint John, 1878) of one of the locations in the novel, which revealed that the area was quite a bit more developed than I thought. A frantic scene rewrite ensued. Here's the pic:

10. Now that I'm done with Evie, I'm back to work on my alternate-reality aetherpunk-western. Wahoo. Except that I've left it alone for so long, I fear I may have lost my way. A re-read, and a total immersion day of writing is definitely in order. Wish me luck for Saturday's writing binge!

Okay, these were not random so much as loosely associated, but still, I came up with ten, which should count for something. Now, on to the lucky taggees! (Not sure why, but "Taggees" sounds like a line of baby clothes to me, lol)

Susan Mills!
Karen Denise!
Caroline Starr Rose!

Tag! Y'all are it! Have a great weekend!


Laura Marcella said...

Snickers Ice Cream bars are definitely necessities, no doubt about that. ;)

Good luck with your new novel and with house hunting!

Cynthia Lee said...

I think Sookie is really boring too. And I just can't feel sorry for her, having like three absurdly hot guys panting around after her. I think she's the quintessential Mary Sure, in all honesty.

I like the show though.

Good luck with house hunting and get busy on the steampunk thing! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Good luck house hunting, and I hope you have a productive writing day! :)

That would have been a cool author bio.

Krispy said...

Yay for having your edits turned in and done! Also, omg snickers ice cream bars! I have not had those in SO LONG. Must hunt some down.

Anything involving food is a necessity. I will always have your back in this corner because food is also a great weakness of mine. If we ever get together, we are going to eat SO MUCH. I am equally excited and terrified. Hahaha.

I like the whole witch thing this season on True Blood, but other storylines are oddly...lacking tension or something. I don't know. Don't feel as sucked into it as I usually do. :P

Thanks for the tag! This will probably be next Friday's post. Hah!

Sophia Chang said...

Ugghh my bf's home has two-stories and it's horrible! lol Anytime you forget something upstairs you have to really debate whether you need it or not...

Um, I'm not sure we can be friends...after what you said about Charlaine Harris and the other paranormal adult writers... :P

Dangit I'm in the Krispy-follow-commenting vortex again.

Abby Annis said...

Don't go for the second level home just to lose weight. It doesn't work. I've tried. It just makes you wish you didn't have stairs when you realize you have to go back up them after you forgot to bring something down.

And I think you should totally do #1. :)

Good luck with your writing this weekend!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I love having second stories and climbing stairs. It makes me feel energized unless I have to carry something heavy up.
I call the Sookie books and True Blood my guilty pleasure. To me, they're a hoot. But I agree with you that I prefer the sexual tension in YA better to most full-on sex scenes. Imagination is superior.
Love your bio!

Mark Noce said...

Whew! Sounds like a busy life:) Cool blog:)

Alexandra Shostak said...

Fun stuff. I haven't watched any of True Blood yet this season, because I want to save them all until the day the last one premieres and then watch them all in a marathon. :)

Elana Johnson said...

Sexcapades! I couldn't stop laughing, and that's no good, because I'M AT SCHOOL. LOLOLOL!

Missed Periods said...

So what was it like living in Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall?