Friday, July 1, 2011

Get Ready, Mundies!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Okay, it's not until tomorrow, and we're going to have a crawfish boil since all the flooding up north has sent a lot more oxygen rich, cold water into the bayous this year extended the season. We didn't want to do anything crazy this year for my birthday since we're saving for a house, and OMG thanks to ALA I have more books than I can shake a stick at, and I haven't had crawfish for at least... a month. ;)

So I'm posting today since I'm going to busy between now and then, cleaning and prepping and pruning my fig tree... It's a hard life, y'all. It has been beastly hot this week, though, so we're borrowing our friends' kiddie pool, too. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

I think I was with Sara (the sweetest girl alive. kept making sure I was with the group since I tend to stay in the back. even gave me her wristband for the Rioren signing ((where I sat in line with the hilarious Shannon and Cristin, who has the best Texas hurricane stories)), she's so awesome.) and Alexandra, ( who I will always remember fondly for comparing the dragon eggs in Game of Thrones to Chekov's gun) and Carol maybe, (who is so much fun. she can put away more beignets than I thought humanly possible, and still turn sideways and disappear.), at ALA last Saturday, when who did we stumble upon, in the back by the waterfountains and the graphic novel stage, but Cassie Clare signing books!

Copies of City of Fallen Angels, to be precise! How wonderful, I thought. I thoroughly enjoyed the first books in both the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books. But I haven't read the second and third Mortal Instruments, and I'm so spoiled by my Nook that my wrists start to ache at the sight of a book that big. So I almost didn't get in line. But then I thought of, you, dear minions, and how there might be two or three of you willing to fight to the death in a savage underwater chess match for it. Or you could just enter in the comments.

Oh, and I got her to sign my Nook cover, which is how I enjoyed my first Cassie Clare books, anyway. I'm such a nookwhore. I have no idea how I'm supposed to read all these ARCs. So tell you what. I'll have Name of the Star to give away after CoFA has been won. That's Maureen Johnson's newest, y'all! Unsigned, but still, it could be yours!

To enter for a signed copy of City of Fallen Angels:

Comment- You don't have to wish me a happy birthday, but it would be nice. ;)
Old Followers= +3
New Followers= +2
Tweet= +1 per tweet per day (5 entries max)
Devoted blog post = +5
Sidebar= +2
Buy a copy of Legacy of the Empress (see sidebar)= +5
Adding up total entries= +1 Thanks in advance

Enter until Tuesday July 12th at midnight central time. A winner will be announced Wednesday morning!

That's it. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Update: If you're interested in reading "Jace's letter", Cassandra Clare has it available here. Enjoy! 


Plamena Schmidt said...

Happy Birthday Tere! May next year bring you lots more books and whatever else you wish for!

Mohamed Mughal said...

Happy B-day, Tere :)

And, hey, I absolutely LOVE the Orwell darn true!

Krispy said...

YAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Summer babies, ftw! :)

Sounds like ALA was super fun! I'm jealous! But I'm not jealous of your hot weather. We're finally getting some real CA summer weather here, and while heat kinda sucks, I can finally go swimming!

Also, I want some beignets now. Haha.

Abby Annis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERE!!!!!! Hope it's a good one! :)

Still so jealous of all the fun you had at ALA without me, ;) but I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I, like Krispy, am NOT sad I missed the weather. Today my windows are open, cool breezing blowing through the house. Beautiful day. Now are you jealous of me? ;)

Awesome contest! I really want this book. I've had it on hold at the library since it came out and there are still like nine jerks, I mean, people ahead of me. So, yeah, pick me! Pick me! ;)

I'll come back to enter after I've tallied up some extra entries. Just wondering when the contest ends so I can note it in my blog post.

JEM said...

Happy happy birthday, it is your special day (tomorrow)! Happy happy birthday, I hope it goes okay (/awesome)! That was a birthday SONG, that should get me extra points.

Old Follower = +3
Adding up total entries = +1
Total = 4

Side note, I just started reading the first book in this series, I'm super curious to see where it's going. I know nothing about it except that it has an awesome title and an awesome cover. I like shiny things, what can I say?

The Golden Eagle said...


Emy Shin said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh man, how I miss you!!! It was so awesome to spend time with you, getting to know you. What a beautiful person you are, Tere, in every way.

And what a brilliant giveaway. I hope you had a lovely birthday!

Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you, too.

I haven't read Cassie Clare yet, but I have one of her books on Kindle.

Thank you for adding my widget. :)

The Lovely Getaway said...

Happy (late) birthday, Tere! I hope you had an amazing day :) Thanks so much for having this giveaway, so glad I caught it on time! Please count me in.

+2 old follower via The Lovely Getaway
+1 tweeted here via @lovelygetaway:!/LovelyGetaway/status/90559632090726401

+1 Add 'em up:
Total =3

Thanks again :)

The Lovely Getaway said...
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The Lovely Getaway said...

Should have been +3 for OLD follower for a total of 5 points... Can you tell I'm lousy at math? Sorry about that :\


SimplyMe said...

Happy Birthday :)

Awesome giveaway!

New follower=+2

Tweet= +1!/BookAddictt/status/90562300108472320

Adding up total entries=+1



Abby Annis said...

Almost forgot to enter. :)

Here's what I have:

+3 Old follower
+2 Tweeted twice
+5 Blog post
+2 Sidebar
+5 Purchased Legacy of the Empress
+1 Added up entries

18 Total

Awesome contest!

Karen Denise said...

Am I too late??? Happy Belated birthday!!