Friday, April 15, 2011

Liar Society Giveaway!

Today's the day! I've debated keeping this super awesome book—signed by LiLa!!!—but you know how I can't keep a good thing to myself, and I do have a nook edition... but it is signed... Hmmm, maybe we don't need to do a giveaway after all...

Just kidding!

All you have to do to enter is comment!
But there's a chance for more entries if you REALLY want it, and I think some of you do...

Old followers= +3
New followers= +1
Blog about this contest= +3
Add link to sidebar= +2
Twitter= +1
Tell me a the worst lie you ever told anyone= +5

I'll get us started:

The worst lie I ever told was the one that got me grounded for the first and only time in my life. I was sixteen, I was meeting a guy and I was going to stay over at his house (oooooh!!), but I told my Dad and stepmom I was going to a football game and sleeping over at my friends' house. I didn't do either of those things. My Dad dropped me off at school and I walked to the guy's house.

Of course, I didn't think ahead enough to let my friend in on the secret, so she called my house, and I think you can imagine what happened then. (Learn from my mistakes, kids!) My dad was sooooo disappointed in me. But I think I only wound up being grounded for like a weekend. See, I was the good kid. Or at least, I never got caught. :)

Contest will be open for entries until 12 AM EST April 30. I'll announce the winner on May 2nd.

Good luck, y'all!


Krispy said...

Yay giveaway! Also, this is a totally cute point-giving system. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a liar (I get too nervous), so I have no epic tales. I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to think of one.

I could tell you that right before the end of my junior year of high school, my friend and I left school early, but as we were walking to her house, my mom happened to drive by and totally saw us. And that's how she caught us ditching.

But no, the truth is that we were legitimately allowed to leave since we were part of the seniors graduation ceremony, and we'd finished rehearsal early. So we got to leave school at like 10am.

Or like Senior Ditch Day? I just told her straight up that it was Senior Ditch Day so I wasn't going to school.

I think I'm more of a straight arrow than you were. :P

So I think that's just +3 for being an Old Follower and +1 for a tweet.


Brigitte said...

Hi Tere! New follower, here, and also looking to write a YA paranormal romance. :)

- tweet:!/brimagination/status/58940331760173056

I never told anyone I dropped my dad's toothbrush in the toilet.
Does that count as a lie?

I wonder if he's changed it since then.... >u>;;

If it does, I guess that's 7 entries?

Cynthia Lee said...

When I was 19, I had this really cute Irish boyfriend that I liked as only a 19 year old girl can.

And one day, I told him this totally inexplicable lie. I told him that I had a terrible sleepwalking problem, that he shouldn't be surprised if he were to wake up one day and find me snoozing on the front lawn or walking down the road in my jammies.

To this day, I have no idea why I told him such a dumb and pointless lie.

Ana Lucia said...

wow I want this book like you have no idea. Fingers, toes and everything crossed.
I really suck at lying, I seriously can't lie, I get really nervous and face turns red. But one time when I was like 13 years old I told my parents that I was going to take a walk with a friend and and we were actually with another friend to see his training on BMX (this bikers thing). Later that aftertoon we were going to the church and I felt so bad afterwards!! My friend is the one to blame, really.

+5 Tell me a the worst lie you ever told anyone.
+1 I tweeted:!/luarroyave/status/58996489824911360
+1 I'm a new blog follower.
total: 7
Fingers crossed, I really want this book.


Lynda R Young said...

I'm an old follower. I once told a friend she looked good in a pair of shorts. So she bought them. She looked terrible!!! I regretted that lie every time she wore those shorts lol.

Abby Annis said...

Cool! I'll blog about it next week and come back with my total. :)

My parents always worked the "sooooo disappointed" angle too. I'll have to think about what my worst lie--or best lie ;)--was and get back to you. Fun contest!

Elaine AM Smith said...

I'm a new Follower. Your said such nice things about my Blog post that I rushed straight over here. What a good job I did. I would love to win the signed copy of The Liar's Society.
The worst lie I ever told was when I insisted to a new friend that I had been adopted into my family. As the only girl in the middle of six boys, I could have got away with it, if we weren't all pretty identical - like peas-in-a-pod.
Growing up in Clan Fight Club, the idea of being adopted was my one consolation - that and books. And so we come back to the start - I'd love to win the book ;)
I tweeted about your competition!/elaineamsmith

Luciana said...

LOL I like your worst lie. Mine is kinda lame hope it counts.
Once I told my mom that I was going to Burger King with some friends but we actually were going to play pool (I was 16 years old maybe, but my parents don't like that kind of enviroment. They actually were right because the place was hideous).

+3 old follower
+5 worst lie
total= 8


Rebecca Knight said...

EEEEEK!! That book needs to be mine--Mine, I say! ;)

I'm an old follower, back again.

Okay, this is a shameful, horrible lie of ommission.

I feel bad even remembering it.

When I was in college, my roommate was putting the moves on The Guy I Liked, but pretending she wasn't, so I did the only sensible thing an 18 year old could do.

I hacked into her email account and read all of their email exchanges to see what she was telling him. ARGH, that's evil... *facepalm*

Later, when she asked me if I knew her password, I said "Of course not!" I'm sure I turned beet red.

I still feel ashamed, 10 years later.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a new follower and I'm off to tweet and facebook about this. ;)

Pedro Pablo said...

oh no that book is mine! right Tere? ;)
I told one of my brothers he was adopted and boy!...did I get into trouble over that one!
+5 lie
+3 I'm an old follower
total = 8


I hope the luck is in the last comments.

Abby Annis said...

+3 Old follower--like ancient ;)
+3 Blogged about it--Do you need a link or you think you can find it on your own? ;)
+2 Added link to sidebar
+1 Tweeted
+5 My worst lie EVER!

Okay, I don't know if this is my worst lie, but it's my favorite, because I'm kind of a jerk. :)

When I was in high school my friends and I convinced my younger sister that my friend's hair had not been cut (it was like 6 inches shorter), but had been shrunk using shrinking shampoo. We even went so far as to put some regular shampoo in an unmarked bottle and gave it to my sister. Before she washed it, we measured her hair (so we'd have something to compare the end result to, of course) and cautioned her against using more than a tiny bit since she didn't really want her hair that much shorter. After she got out of the shower, we measured it again and, miraculously, her hair was a whole half inch shorter. That's what we told her, anyway. We had her going for about a week before my mom found out and made me tell her the truth.

That wasn't the first outrageous lie I told my poor, trusting sister. Now, for some reason, she doesn't believe anything I tell her. Go figure. ;)

Thanks for the fun giveaway, Tere!

Word veri: istrap--should I be worried?

The Lovely Getaway said...

+1 New follower :) please enter me

+5 worst lie; ohh man!... well lets just say I once lied to my parents about sleeping over at a friends house, when in reality I went out to a party with other friends my mom didnt approve of. I ended up having to tell my mom cause my so called friends left me at the party and I had to get a ride back home :\ sad, huh!? but i learned my lesson.


Maria Cristina Marques said...

if it's international, I'm in. :)

-new follower +1 Cristina Marques
-tweet +1!/mcrism1/status/62627789119033344
-worst lie +5

The worst lie I ever said was... that's embarrassing... I said I cooked dinner, but I actually bought the food. LOL

cris_mv at hotmail dot com

Jewelz said...

Awesome Giveaway!

Lie +5: It was probably the first lie I had ever told. I used to get scared in the middle of the night and I would slip into my brothers bed and fall asleep. My brother wasn't very happy about this. So my parents told me that if I slept in my bed the whole entire night they would give me a dollar. That night I went to sleep with my brother and then I ran to my room early in the morning.I felt guilty the next day so I gave my dollar back ;)

Blogged +3:

Sidebar +2:

Twitter +1:!/SparkleJewelz/status/62635910365331456

That's it!That would be 11 in total! :D Thanks again for the giveaway!

The Story Queen said...

Thanks for this - I so want to read THE LIAR SOCIETY!

Okay, so let's start with the lie. I think the worst one was when I was in first grade. Like most kids, I hated eating anything healthy back then and decided to only eat the good stuff. So, what to do with the healthy stuff? My little seven-year-old mind decided the smartest thing to do was to HIDE it all in my CLOSET (walk-in, but still). That's right. There was a big box in my closet filled with old, mouldy food. Now, you can imagine my mom's face when she discovered this box of hidden treasures. Sandwiches had turned green, fruit was shrivelled up... not a pretty sight. Needless to say, I didn't do it again and from that day on, I loved vegetables and healthy stuff and scoffed at the sight of ice cream and cake (ha!) I think my punishment was only that I could only have like ten people at my birthday party or something (that was fine by me - I was a complete loner that probably didn't even invite ten anyway).

+1 - New blog follower :)

Thanks again!

KM said...

Yay! Haven't read this one yet!

Old follower +3
Worst lie +5 = This is super lame, I guess, but I couldn't think of anything else (lol) - my car got broken into when my best friend and I were roadtripping. I didn't tell mi madre about it...which I guess is more like witholding the truth, but I'm pretty sure that's just as bad. Anyway, I ended up feeling horrible and fessing up, and needless to say, my mother had a freakout. lol So yeah...

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

krysalbe said...

+1 follower

+5 Worst lie was probably to myself, that my off-the-wall majors would ever be practical in the real world, lol!


throuthehaze said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

+1 new follower

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Ana Lucia said...

I want this book badly...I have been stalking your blog, can't wait till it ends!

Kulsuma said...

Please count me in if this is international. I'd love to read The Liar Society.
+3 old follower
+3 blog post:
+5 Worst lie: I can't think of any major lies I've told. I'm not a very good liar you see. I do lie about how many siblings I have, because I have a lot- it's hard to remember what number I said to who though lol! For example, Them: 'I'm sure you said you had three sisters?' Me: 'Ermm....'

Must. Try. Harder.