Friday, October 16, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

As you may know, one of my favorite kid's books was made into a full-length movie that releases today! I have to work late tonight, or else I'd go see it, but I have plans to go tomorrow.

The reason this book still ranks as one of my favorites is that it taught me to use my imagination. It doesn't hurt that the main character, Max, is delightfully wicked and mischievous. Until he starts missing his home and his parents and his old life that he once found so boring and not Max-centric enough for him. I can definitely relate. ;)

In other, non-Wild Thing news, The Great The Hollow Giveaway will run until midnight tonight, CST. A winner will be drawn tomorrow morning, and the winner posted at noon, CST.

Good luck to all who entered.

PS, typed 2400 words last night. But who's counting?


Lady Glamis said...

Oh what fun! That movie looks awesome. Yay for all those words!

Abby said...

2400? You rock!!

This is one of my favorite books too, and my kids love it. I pretty much have it memorized, I've read it to them so many times. We'll probably be seeing it tomorrow. Can't wait!

Susan R. Mills said...

Congrats on the words. Good for you. We aren't going to the movie this weekend. But I can't wait to see it.

Krispy said...

OMG, you don't know how excited I am to see this movie. I'm going either tonight or tomorrow morning. I just can't wait. Haha.

Congrats on the wordage! :)

Tere Kirkland said...

Thanks, y'all! I've really been making some headway on my WiP. I skipped lunch today and pounded out a good 800+ words while I snuck a sandwich at my desk. Thank God I have tomorrow off, since I'm working late tonight, and probably won't have the energy to sit down at the computer for very long.

I'll probably go see the movie late Saturday night. Yes, cheapskate me is going to pay full price to see a movie. I may even buy snacks instead of sneaking them in. ;)

Have a great weekend, y'all!